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Post by +gm.syaler on Wed Aug 05, 2009 2:42 am

1. Create a 200 x 200 canvas with a white background.

2. Click on your custom shape tool. Choose the polygon tool. Type in 5 sides. After you've done that, click on the arrow pointing downwards:
Photoshop Star Logo Star2

Fill in the same information as the screenshot above.

3. Draw out your star onto your canvas. You can use any color you'd like for the star because it will be covered up by gradient we will add to it later:
Photoshop Star Logo Star1

4. Now we are going to add a gradient to the shape. Click on layer > layer style > gradient overlay. Fill in the same information as below:

Note: To customize your gradient. Click on the gradient (if it's on default there should be a black to white gradient there). See the squares on each end of the gradient? Change the first square (circled in red in the screenshot below) to: #FFFE82 (double click on the square for the Color Picker to appear). For the last square, add in the color #FFF000)
Photoshop Star Logo Star-ed

This is what the black square changes to after.
Photoshop Star Logo Star3

5. We are now going to add a border to this shape. Click Layer > Layer Style > Stroke... Change the property to:
Photoshop Star Logo Star-5
- Color: Orange (#FF8400)

This is what you should have so far:
Photoshop Star Logo Star5

6. Create the exact same star shape in a new layer above this one. Make sure it is smaller than your first star. To duplicate the layer, right click on your star layer's name/text, then select 'duplicate layer...'

To resize: Hold down CTRL and T at the same time. Click on one of the corners and drag inwards to make it smaller. (If you're having problems, double check to make sure you are working in the right layer).
Photoshop Star Logo Star-p

Next, delete the stroke (layer style) that is in this layer.

7. Now we need to add a gradient to this star. Click on Layer > Layer Style > Gradient Overlay. The gradient properties are the same as the first star. The only thing you need to change are the colors. Click on the gradient and change the colors (remember the 2 squares?) to #FFE400 and #FFFFFF
Photoshop Star Logo Star_final

8. Create a new layer and place it above all of your current layers. Using your text tool, type out the text you'd like to place in your logo using the font color #FF8400.

And here is the final result...
Photoshop Star Logo Final

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